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[Pandas]How to list all columns

[Pandas] How to import from Sql Server

We need to rely on pyodbc, the sample code is as belows.

What is tf.data and how to use

Tf.data is a high level API provided by tensorflow, it performs as a pipeline for complex input and output. The core data structure of tf.data is Dataset which represents a potentially large set of elements.

[Pandas]Handle missing data

Missing data is a common problem in real data preprocessing, luckily pandas has done a lot to help us handle it. This article will show the codes on how to do it.

[Pandas]How to select data

This article shows the most common methods regarding data selection

[Pandas]How to drop columns/rows

[Pandas]How to rename columns

[Pandas]How to import CSV


Tensorflow is a high performance numerical computation software library, it is mostly known for its strong support for machine learning and deep learning.