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Streamlit app to manage your cloudflare images

In my previous article I introduced how to build a sql chatbot with langchain and streamlit. I was then thinking if I can use streamlit to manage my image gallery on cloudflare. I found it was as easy as I thought, of course with a bit help of chatgpt.. Why I need this I have been using cloudflare images service for a while and satisfied with its speed. However, it doesn’t have a good UI tool.

Build Your Own Sql Chatbot with Langchain and Streamlit

I have just built a sql chatbot for local data using langchain and streamlit. I found the whole process surprisingly smooth with these two great tools, I put here how I built this and some thoughts alongside. In case you don’t know what langchain and streamlit are, here is a brief introduction. Langchain in my mind is a tool to connect to all kinds of language models(e.g. openai) and provide interfaces to easily using them.