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Cache on the edge with Cloudflare Workers

I recently found a nice project which offers iframe line to display stars of any github repo. I found it could be useful on my another building website which aims to track the trending repos on github. So I tried to put it on and it worked well…at first. How when I put several repos on one page the tool stopped working and don’t show the star number. I checked its source code https://github.

Self-Host Wordpress on K8s

As I mentioned in my previous post I have setup a kubernetes(k3s) cluster on my home server. I was thinking how I could use this then I decided to host a blog site using the most used CMS on the internet, Wordpress. Here I would explain how I did it.

How to set up a full-stack home server

I will explain in this article how to deploy and serve a kubenetes cluster(k3s) using your home laptop/PC. I will also show you how to expose your services to the internet with cloudflare tunnel. I will use a simple web app as an example to show how to build a full-stack application and serve it with the home server. Here is the overview of the architecture setup. The laptop running all these stuff is a 7 year old Thinkpad with Interl i5 + 16G Mem installed with Ubuntu