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How to install Loki, Grafana and Prometheus on Kubernetes 2024

Loki + Grafana + Prometheus is a powerful combination for monitoring and logging. I found there were very few up-to-date instructions on how to set up all these three components with helm on Kubernetes. So I decided to write down my experience here. Prerequisites You need to have helm installed. If not you can follow the instructions here Add corresponding helm repositories: for Grafana and Loki: helm repo add grafana https://grafana.

Self-Host Wordpress on K8s

As I mentioned in my previous post I have setup a kubernetes(k3s) cluster on my home server. I was thinking how I could use this then I decided to host a blog site using the most used CMS on the internet, Wordpress. Here I would explain how I did it.

How to set up a full-stack home server

I will explain in this article how to deploy and serve a kubenetes cluster(k3s) using your home laptop/PC. I will also show you how to expose your services to the internet with cloudflare tunnel. I will use a simple web app as an example to show how to build a full-stack application and serve it with the home server. Here is the overview of the architecture setup. The laptop running all these stuff is a 7 year old Thinkpad with Interl i5 + 16G Mem installed with Ubuntu

A Dev's Guide to K8s Deployment

[This is a note first published internally, I copied here for backup ] Although I have deployed a couple of apps in our k8s cluster, I find it still tricky to go through the whole journey fluently. I took some notes and put them down here for a memo. Hope it helps developers like me who are still experiencing k8s issues from time to time. The deployment steps Local Test So you have a Dockerfile in your project and a docker engine running on your machine