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How to install Loki, Grafana and Prometheus on Kubernetes 2024

Loki + Grafana + Prometheus is a powerful combination for monitoring and logging. I found there were very few up-to-date instructions on how to set up all these three components with helm on Kubernetes. So I decided to write down my experience here. Prerequisites You need to have helm installed. If not you can follow the instructions here Add corresponding helm repositories: for Grafana and Loki: helm repo add grafana https://grafana.

Github Action Manual Approval Practice

Our team has been using github action for CI/CD for a while. It’s very convenient and easy to use. We use it to build docker images, push to docker registry and deploy to kubernetes cluster. But there is one thing that we are trying to improve, that is we want to have a manual approval step before deploying to production. We tried many methods but none of them works well until we found this manual-workflow-approval action.

How to set up a full-stack home server

I will explain in this article how to deploy and serve a kubenetes cluster(k3s) using your home laptop/PC. I will also show you how to expose your services to the internet with cloudflare tunnel. I will use a simple web app as an example to show how to build a full-stack application and serve it with the home server. Here is the overview of the architecture setup. The laptop running all these stuff is a 7 year old Thinkpad with Interl i5 + 16G Mem installed with Ubuntu

A Dev's Guide to K8s Deployment

[This is a note first published internally, I copied here for backup ] Although I have deployed a couple of apps in our k8s cluster, I find it still tricky to go through the whole journey fluently. I took some notes and put them down here for a memo. Hope it helps developers like me who are still experiencing k8s issues from time to time. The deployment steps Local Test So you have a Dockerfile in your project and a docker engine running on your machine